“First we thought the PC was a calculator. Then we found out how to turn numbers into letters with ASCII and we thought it was a typewriter. Then we discovered graphics, and we thought it was a television. With the World Wide Web, we've realized it's a brochure.” ― Douglas Adams

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COMSATS IT Center is one of the well-sized technology concerns in Pakistan having large number of skilled professionals. We have a successful history of many projects in-house, national and international and a long list of satisfied clients in our profile. COMSATS IT Center promotes, develops, delivers, and facilitates the use of information technology services. We offer a wide range of services, which include software application and web development, data warehousing, network design and configuration, internet provision, corporate training, multimedia solutions, and testing services. CITC is comprised of Software House, Newtwork Management, Community Internet Services, Cisco Training Academy, Video Conferencing, Computing & Network Services, Equipment Repair & Maintenance, and Research & Development sections.

Internet Services

Community ISP provides Internet, Intranet, DNS, FTP, e-mail, web hosting, consultancy, Licensing, trainings, and video conferencing to campus and other clients. A well sized data center is also being established to cater the growing storage and computing requirements of campus and corporate clients.

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Software Development

Software House is a subsidiary software house of COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Abbottabad, established in 2001, working as an industrial unit within the campus of CIIT Abbottabad. The objective is to provide IT services to the CIIT Campuses as well as to the corporate world.

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Computing and Network Services

Computing & Network Services provide the enabling computational technology, personnel of all of the operating units of the University and supports the computing and networking systems and services that are necessary for their efficient operations.

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Research and Development

R&D unit is a group of professionals who have expertise in the areas of High Performance Computing and various domains of Open Source technologies. R&D unit has been striving to make available to its clients, the latest technologies and world standard methodologies.

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Corporate Trainings

CITC provides the comprehensive user training in the industry catering to all levels, including specialized IT training for administrators and developers. It offers its clients a complete IT training program with the motive of familiarizing them with the entire life cycle of our products and solutions.

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Repair and Maintenance

Repair and Maintenance section provides service for IT, especially in the areas of systems trouble, network connectivity, and the use of supported desktop applications (Essential Software). The Repair and Maintenance teams provides support to faculty, staff, and students.

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CUOnline is a product to automate almost all major University processes under one umbrella. It provides pure Web Based, anytime/anywhere access to the administrative, transactional, and academic processes needed to enable a collaborative campus.

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The product is primarily meant to provide service to provide the management of University with online information about all the academic activities, to facilitate student & their parents to view the academic progress, to facilitate the registration & examination sections.

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Production Management System

The Production management Solution for Bestway Cement Limited is deployed at three sites Hattar,Chakwal and Mustehkam. This system enables the production department to monitor the daily production.

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Online Brokerage System

The AKD Online brokerage system facilitates the trading activities by providing online trading, accounts and settlements. The system handles more than 7,000 clients of AKD and provides millions of transactions daily. The clients connect to trading servers using internet.

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Technical Resources

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Computing Resources and Labs

There are eight computer labs, and a hardware lab. Each computer lab is fully equipped with state of the art computing equipment. The hardware lab is fully equipped for demonstration, training and hardware maintenance purposes. Electronics lab is the most modern and well-fitted facility for the needs of engineering students. These labs remain open for students course requirements. In case of special requirement these labs remain open 24 hours.

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Interactive Language Lab.

COMSATS IT Center is proud to present state of the art Interactive language Lab. With the development of digitization and networks, the technology of language Laboratory (LL) is also progressing at a high speed. CIIT Abbottabad recognizing the need and demand of this latest technology have introduced interactive multimedia supported language Lab for the students and faculty in the campus.

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Cisco Training Academy.

The Cisco Networking Academy Program is a comprehensive e-learning program that provides students with the Internet technology skills essential in a global economy. The Networking Academy delivers web-based content, online assessment, student performance tracking, hands-on labs, instructor training and support, and preparation for industry standard certifications. In 2007, COMSATS Abbottabad Campus awarded as a Cisco Academy by "COMSATS Cisco Regional Academy Islamabad, Pakistan" (now Cisco Support Center/Cisco Instructor Training Center). COMSATS Cisco Training Academy delivers the range of services and support needed to grow tomorrow’s global workforce. Besides this CISCO Academy is also providing hand on experience and practical labs to students of different departments of campus.

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Upcoming Trainings

CCNA (R & S)


PKR 7500
per month

  • February - March 2015
  • Monday to Friday
  • 4:00pm - 7:00pm
  • 8 weeks course
  • Basic computer knowledge required

CCNA (Security)


PKR 10000
per month

  • February - March 2015
  • Monday to Friday
  • 10:00am - 12:00pm
  • 4 weeks course
  • Networking knowledge or CCNA (R&S)

Linux Server Administrator


PKR 6000
per month

  • February - March 2015
  • Monday to Friday
  • 10:00am - 12:00pm
  • 4 weeks course
  • Basic computer knowledge required


How to get CIIT Email account?

Email is an essential service for any business or corporate, in an education setup we need frequent interaction with each other in all aspects such as academic & administrative.

To get email account you need to submit duly signed registration form. Click here to download registration

How to change password of CIIT email account?

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Sample password 1 (Pass_WD@7878)
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How to get genuine Microsoft software?

Every student, faculty, and staff member of CIIT Abbottabad can now download Latest Genuine Microsoft Software at no cost for their personal use under the strategic alliance agreement with Microsoft; as a part of this alliance between Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Microsoft free licensed Microsoft software are being provided to all public sector universities. Click here to learn about Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA) Click here to visit

In the same context the said facility has been extended for CIIT faculty, staff, and students through COMSATS IT Center (CITC).

Faculty & Staff can register via their official email address by send an email to isp@ciit.net.pk.

Students are required to submit registration form along with copy of campus ID card ( Click here to download registration )

Click here to visit Software Distribution Website

How to get CIIT VPN account?

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology is providing access to more than 32,000 high quality, peer-reviewed journals, databases, and articles through HEC’s Digital Library Program. In addition to this, thousands of E-books are also available/accessible on different subject areas like Science and Technology, Social Sciences and Humanities. Students and faculty can access these resources from campus through registered IP address.

These journals are directly accessible from campus local area network (LAN) including computer labs inside the campus premises. Access of theses journals is playing an important role in research activities. For the promotion of research activities, VPN services are setup to access HEC online journals from outside the campus (e.g., home).

To access HEC online journals from home or outside the campus network using VPN services you need to register and get a user-name/password ( Click here to download registration form ) and setup a VPN connection on you computer/laptop

Click here to learn, how-to setup VPN connection

Our Team

Saadat Iqbal

Saadat Iqbal - Head IT Center / Assistant Professor

Saadat Iqbal is the head of the department and of the COMSATS IT Center. He has extensive experiance in the field of IT and research. His area of research is "Theoretical Computer Science and Management Information Systems (MIS)".

Phone: +92-992-111-001-007 Ext: 358 / +92-992-383863
Fax: +92-992-383441
Email: saadat @ ciit.net.pk

Tasadduq Hussain

Muhammad Tasadduq Hussain - Project Manager

Muhammad Tasadduq Hussain is the project manager. In this role, his responsibilities include Negotiating the Project, Preparing M.O.Us, Preparing Proposals, Preparing Contracts, Planning Projects, Organizing Teams, Executing Projects and Controlling the Projects.

Phone: +92-992-111-001-007 Ext: 351
Fax: +92-992-383441
Email: tasadduq @ ciit.net.pk

Usman Aftab

Usman Aftab - Incharge, R&D

Usman Aftab is managing Research and Development. He has extensive experience in implementation of Open Source software technologies in research, operations & learning environments. His interests mainly are stable infrastructure enabling and automation technologies.

Phone: +92-992-111-001-007 Ext: 222
Fax: +92-992-383441
Email: usman @ ciit.net.pk

Muhammad Shaukat

Muhammad Shaukat - Manager Systems

Shaukat is managing Internet, Email, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Corporate Training, Video conferencing, and Licensing services. He is also working as liaison to PTCL, HEC, and PTA for Internet/numbering services.

Phone: +92-992-111-001-007 Ext: 362 / +92-992-383864
Fax: +92-992-383441
Email: shaukat @ ciit.net.pk

Sumera Ibrahim Qureshi

Sumera Ibrahim Qureshi - Incharge CNS

Sumera is the incharge of Computing and Network Services (CNS) section of COMSATS IT Center. In this role, she is responsible of Campus Wide Computing and Network Services.

Phone: +92-992-111-001-007 Ext: 214
Fax: +92-992-383441
Email: sumera @ ciit.net.pk

Muhammad Ali Khan

Muhammad Ali Khan - Incharge ERM

Ali Khan is managing Equipment Repair and Maintenance section. He and his team provide general technical support services to campus and our corporate clients.

Phone: +92-992-111-001-007 Ext: 389
Fax: +92-992-383441
Email: alikhan @ ciit.net.pk

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